Friday, 12 October 2012


I have been slack, plain and simple. Well, I have been with blogging anyway. 

My craft on the other hand has been amazing! 

I have been customising wondersuits
Making pretty dresses from etsy patterns

Pretty dresses from sewing books

Refashioning clothes - 

And just generally trying to be crafty! My kids are loving the new additions to their wardrobes and can't wait for more!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Tangerine Tip Toes

These shoes are AMAZING. And they only cost me $5!

When my sister came to stay for a while, I wanted to make something special and cool for her to show off to her friends. So we came up with these. Pretty neat huh?!

They are so simple to do. If you know how to use RIT dye then you are already have the knowledge to make your own pair. 
If not then keep reading after the jump to learn how!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Custom Canvas Creations

This amazing woman in the 2 pictures below (trying to tempt my baby girl into having a beer), is my beloved Nan Gay (as in Gabrielle). Kind, sweet, caring and Oh so funny. 

My Nan passed away in October last year, rather suddenly. This has been very hard for my family as we are all very close. 

Now the lady in the photo below is my Nans life partner, Lyn. She is also amazing, kind and I am proud to also call her my Nan Pooh (as in Pooh Bear). 

As a child I remember my Nan Gay always singing and whistling the tune to Waltzing Matilda, so much so that she even taught one of their pet birds to whistle it along with her. 
So as a little reminder of my Nan Gay I made a custom Canvas for my Nan Pooh. 

So sorry about the crappy 'Instragram' copy. I forgot to take one on my real camera before giving it to Nan. 
After the jump I will Take you through how I did it. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Hoot Hoot - It's a Wrap!

I few weeks ago I bought this dress from Ebay. 

I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with it considering it was a size 8 and I doubt I could get a size 8 over my head these days! 

So after days of thinking and nights of surfing Pinterest, I decided to try a wrap-around dress. I didn't use a pattern and kind of just winged it. I drew around a size 2 dress of Isabels, and modified it a little to have a wrap around shape. 

I cut the front 2 sides almost identical, except one side was longer than the other. 

I made the lining by cutting out a rectangle big enough to cover the whole dress, then I sewed right sides together, trimmed then zigzagged the rest.  Turned it the right way and did a top stitch along the bottom to look like a hem. 

This is the end result!

Pretty cute huh?!? 

Next time I will draw up a real pattern, so I can measure it all up correctly. One arm hole is smaller than the other, and it doesn't fit Isabel. At all. It is about a size 0-1 if I had to guess. But all you can do is try right? 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

KCWC Day One

For day 1 of KCWC I decided to finish a project for Charlotte - Fabric Painting.

This is what my project started as.. A DIY disaster!

And this is how it finished! A nice heart painted singlet top!
The paint cracked a bit, so it looks a little rustic, but I like it. I can not wait to get pictures of baby Charlotte in all these clothes. 

Mumma Missed Out

This week is KCWC or Kids Clothing Week Challenge. Pop on over here to have a squiz. Some amazing talent to Ooh and Aah over!

I signed myself up for the challenge on Sunday night. On Monday I managed to complete day 1. A gorgeous heart printed top.

But on the second night, disaster struck. My little girl got sick. So sick that she wouldn't let me leave her side, and we ended up sleeping on the lounge together.
Along with that, my charger for the laptop broke, so I couldn't even blog about day 1. I was so bummed!

Little Miss Isabel is on the mend now, she had a case of Roseola. So nothing serious thankfully.

I am hoping to do a small tutorial on RIT dye and also my step-by-step process of painting the shirt I finished for day one of KCWC.

See you all soon!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dye-ving right in!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was planning on trying out some RIT dye. And I did!

Yesterday Isabel and I ventured to City Mission and bought an awesome stainless steel pot, 2 wooden spoons, a little plastic bowl and some nice white/light goodies! Total of all this awesomeness?? $15!! Yup, thats right, fifteen whole dollars.