Friday, 6 April 2012

5 Minute Baby Headband Tutorial

I love to see little baby girls in gorgeous headbands. It adds 100 points to their cuteness level! So, I have made 2 (so far) for my niece-on-the-way. This is how I did it!

You will need:
Measuring Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Elastic Lace
Embellishments of your choice

First thing I do is measure out around 33cm on my elastic lace and cut it there. This all depends on how big the baby's head is/will be. My girls head circumference was around 33-34cm. So after the overlap this will be 32cm. Even if bubs head is too small for this, she will grow into it. It wouldn't hurt to make them around 30cm because they do stretch. 

I overlap the ends (making sure the elastic isn't twisted anywhere) and glue with around a cm overlap. 

Choose your embellishments. I have a row of these gorgeous roses. I am only going to cut one off the end though. I also have a big flower I am going to use too. You can see it in the supplies pic.

I like to use felt on the bottom of my embellishments to make them a little sturdier. So cut a shape to fit your embellishment, but small enough to not be seen

Then the final step (!) is to glue it to your elastic. Make sure you stick it on the overlapped part. It hides it, and makes the whole thing look nice and neat. 

And you're done! They are so cute, and so fast. One of my favourite projects.


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