Friday, 6 April 2012

Wrapped in Yarn

Last night I attempted a yarn wrapped letter. I think it turned out perfectly! Exactly how I wanted..

What do you think?

I chose the letter 'C' because my Sister in Law is having a girl in April. Her name is going to begin with C :)

I found the tutorial for this HERE. It may seem silly using a tutorial just to wrap a letter in yarn, but believe me, you WILL need it! I struggled with the tutorial. The ends of the letters are the hardest, as the yarn keeps slipping off which means you have to start all over again. 
Go on, have a go! Be creative. The rewards are amazing. 

I am still doing my big project of the vinnies dress. Its taking a lot longer than I originally hoped as it is really hard to find the time lately. 

Hope to be back with some crafts later!


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