Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mumma Missed Out

This week is KCWC or Kids Clothing Week Challenge. Pop on over here to have a squiz. Some amazing talent to Ooh and Aah over!

I signed myself up for the challenge on Sunday night. On Monday I managed to complete day 1. A gorgeous heart printed top.

But on the second night, disaster struck. My little girl got sick. So sick that she wouldn't let me leave her side, and we ended up sleeping on the lounge together.
Along with that, my charger for the laptop broke, so I couldn't even blog about day 1. I was so bummed!

Little Miss Isabel is on the mend now, she had a case of Roseola. So nothing serious thankfully.

I am hoping to do a small tutorial on RIT dye and also my step-by-step process of painting the shirt I finished for day one of KCWC.

See you all soon!

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