Thursday, 22 March 2012

As Cute as a Button

These here are adorable, and the perfect accessory for a childs room. Be it a boy or a girl.
Button Monograms. 

I found some inspiration from Pinterest this post in-particular.

So I went down to my local City Mission and found some old canvas prints ($1.50 each), then i bought them home and re-covered them with old clothes of mine. I used a hot glue gun to stick them down, but a staple gun would work a lot better (I am off to buy one today). I already had buttons that I bought in bulk from my local Chickenfeed store, which is just our cheap store. Kind of like the reject shop.

I used word, then chose my favourite font and wrote in the letter of choice. I made the font 700 and traced it straight from the computer to a piece of paper as my printer is broken, but printing would be ideal. I traced around my letter onto the fabric with a fabric pencil and set out how I wanted my buttons. 

Gluing them on was the most trying thing I had done in a long time. I hot glued them on, which consisted of lots of burnt fingers and stringy glue EVERYWHERE. If you line up how you want the buttons first, you should be able to just pick a button up and glue it back to the same spot without much rearranging. 

Even if its a little frustrating at first, the end product is really rewarding. And the kids love it!

Good Luck ♥
I is for Imogen
B is for Bridget 


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