Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In the beginning

About a year and a half ago (just after Miss. Isabel was born) I decided to try sewing for the very first time.

This was the result of my very first project..

To be honest it was pretty bad! I thought it was great at the time though, and I had lots of encouragement from friends and family when I shared it on my Facebook page. 

After that I tried a few other things

This was a monster I made for Imogen. Own pattern.

This is a toy made from a drawing Imogen did. It is of my Husband Dan! She loves him!

After that I moved onto a couple of non sewing things..

 I made a few canvas prints, the above is for a friend, I made one each for her twins and another for her older son. They are so cute!
Below is one I made for us, yet to print. Just waiting to see if baby number 3 makes an appearance first!

 Then I made a couple of Hairbands for Imogen and my niece Bridget. These were really cheap and easy. Fake flowers, headbands and ribbon all from my local Chickenfeed store. 

Lastly I began to make Invitations. This one is watermarked, but it was for Isabels Christening. It is my favourite invitation... 

Next post will be the rest of my sewing projects up until now. Then we will get to see the new stuff I am working on! I have been having a GREAT time op-shopping with my little ones. Refashions are awesome.. 


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