Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bibs and Bobs

So after my attempt on some stuffed toys, and a little bit of craft, I moved onto some clothes and baby bibs

This was the very first bib I tried. I gave it a go with no template and it turned out way too big and lop sided.
This was my second bib, made out of old clothes of mine. I found a great template for this, and I think it turned out fab!
 Next was a nappy wallet. I saw a few of these around online, and somehow managed to draw up my own template for it. First go was a real success!!

 Above is a before shot of an old shirt of mine, and below is the after. I used one of Isabel's grow suits to make one of my own. Turned out great and it fit her too. 

Here is a set I made for my cousins baby shower. Bandana bib, nappy wallet and 2 hair bands! So cute!

Close up of the head bands. I got those cute crochet doilies from Ebay, some stretch lace from Spotlight then a bit of hot glue.. Adorable!

I also made her a newborn bib, and a bandana bib for her older son, I added a T (for Tyrell) to that, just for a little extra 'cute' factor!
 Baby Bow Ties! I absolutely LOVE making these!! So fast and easy.. 

Next I will be back to show you some other things I have previously made. Failures and successes. 


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