Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Clothes Files

I have made several pieces of clothing for my daughters over the past 18 months, but have only taken photos of 3 of them (what? so silly). So here they are!

 These shorts I made for Isabel. I found a pair of pants that fit her nicely around the waist, drew around them with about 1/2" seam allowance, making them the length of a pair of shorts and just sewed them together. 
 I used this tutorial to make this skirt for Imogen, but because Imogen is a bit older than the girl it is made for in the tutorial, I had to make bits of the measurements up to fit her.. 
And finally my favourite! A pillow case dress for Miss Isabel! I used this tutorial to make it with my favourite fat quarters I got from spotlight. Dress cost me $10 all up and an hour of my time..

I also made this dress (below) with the same tutorial, but not using fat quarters.  I just took the same measurements to make it, then cut it down to fit a size 0-1.  


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