Monday, 26 March 2012

Cute Little Ruffle Bum

My Sister-in-Law is currently pregnant and due in July (eeep!). So because I am the best SIL, I have decided to make her a heap of home made goodies, instead of buying it all. Heaps of cute goodies at a fraction of the price, and lots of love built into them.

I haven't made a lot so far, as I am finding it hard to get time. My youngest is really having a hard time sleeping, as she is having night terrors. So mumma is getting sleep where she can right now!

But this was my latest project. I turned a boring old onesie into something fun and cute!!

I added a little decoration around the collar for a little flare.

I think the collar looks adorable. 

Ruffle bum!

I didn't hem the ruffles, left it a little messy. I like it this way. 

To make the ruffles, I chose my fabric and cut it 2.5 - 3 times the width of the onesie and 1.5-2" wide. I put it through my sewing machine on the longest stitch that my machine does. Once it went all the way through, I grabbed a piece of string from the end and pulled it to make the ruffles. Once you are happy with your ruffles, pin them onto the onesie, in any location. Then you just sew over the middle gather line. Afterwards I pulled out my original gather line so the onesie had more stretch in it.
For the sides, I tried to sew the edges of the ruffles as close as I could to the seam. Just for a nice finished look and make them stay on a little better.
If you would prefer a neater look, you could always give the lengths of material a small hem before ruffling them. I really like the frayed look though.

For the front I did hem the piece of material I wanted. I then pinned it around the collar of the onesie, making sure every cm was a pleat. I covered the messy end with a pretty bow.

Next project will have step-by-step photos and instruction on how to made it.

This is so cute! Can't wait for Miss C to come along so she can wear it!


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